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Nutracosmetic is offering high-end cosmetics for professional demands.

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For many years Nutracosmetic has been offering high-end cosmetics for professional demands. As one of the first and leading manufacturers of growth-stimulating eyelash and eyebrow serums, we have made a name for ourselves and won customers trust. Our range has constantly evolved - to a selected and finely tuned spectrum of decorative and caring cosmetics: valuable items for eyes, lips and skin. We are constantly improving and revising our recipe and ingredients.

Nutracosmetic GmbH
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Eyelash enhancer, eyebrow enhancer, vegan eyelash enhancer, mascara, vegan mascara, face cream, hyaluron spray, vitamin spray, foundation, concealer, lip plumper, eyeliner, hair serum, enhancing shampoo and conditioner
Advanced Lash

The original – top-selling for more than 10 years!
The clinically tested ADVANCED LASH Eyelash Formula is ideal for harnessing the full poten- tial of your eyelashes with regard to LENGTH, FULLNESS and THICKNESS – within only 2 to 6 weeks! It was one of the first eyelash conditioner on the market in 2007. A complex of nourishing ingredients also improves flexibility and strength for less breakage and a healthy shine!

Advanced Lash vegan

Advanced Lash vegan is ideal for harnessing the full potential of your eyelashes with regard to length, thickness, fullness and flexibility. Advanced Lash vegan – a special vegan ingredient complex – not only extends the growth cycle of lashes, but also nourishes and stimulates the hair cells.
Advanced Lash – the state-of-the-art revitalisa- tion serum for eyelashes.


NUTRALASH Eyelash Formula helps you to achieve longer and fuller eyelashes in a natural way. The effect of the unique peptide formula becomes visible within a few weeks - the hair appears thicker, longer and stronger. Thin and brittle eyelashes are repaired by increased microcirculation and their growth is supported in the long term.

News & Innovations

In the nano-emulsion from Nutracana, we have succeeded in encapsulating the water-insoluble cannabidiol in hemp seed oil and optimizing it together with the pinosylvin of the Swiss stone pine to form an overall complex with high bioavailability! The cannabidiol, naturally obtained from Swiss hemp, combines 4 skin-protecting and improving properties: It effectively promotes cell regeneration and wound healing, it has an anti-inflammatory effect, soothes the skin and reduces oxidative processes. The Swiss stone pine, Pinus cembra, grows extremely slowly at great heights under the most difficult conditions, withstands constant cold and strong winds. Your highly specialized metabolism produces the substance pinosylvin, which is obtained from your wood using a sustainable process. It belongs to the stilbene group and can ward off both germs and the damaging effects of ozone and UV radiation. The results of the studies: NUTRACANA soothes, smooths, regenerates and tones

Wound healing improved by up to 50% in the test
Discoloration from melanin and hemoglobin has been around reduced by up to 17.8%
The 3D imaging system AEVAHE® (in stripe projection) showed at Subjects experienced a 28% reduction in the number of wrinkles, a 6.5% reduction in skin bumpiness versus placebo, and a reduction in the visibility of the wrinkles on the forehead
Nutralash technology - visible results after just a few weeks! An eicosanoid of the latest generation and particularly well absorbable oligoeptides effectively lengthen the growth phase and boost the potential of your eyelashes. Vitamins strengthen the hair roots, while polysaccharides provide strength and flexibility. A whole cocktail of phytochemicals (including ginseng, flavonoids from red clover) nourishes and cares noticeably. The power of rich hemp oil! The cannabidiol contained in high concentrations in hemp oil has long been a superstar - both in the world of cosmetics and in the field of dietary supplements. In CANALASH it promotes cell renewal, has a natural balancing and anti-inflammatory effect. In this way, it counteracts redness and skin irritation from the outset! The vegan formula - for more animal welfare! All ingredients in CANALASH are free from components of animal origin - therefore it is the right choice as part of a vegan lifestyle. Sustainability in production! We are increasingly converting our production to sustainability - from the label to the pen to the packaging - most of it already comes from eco-certified suppliers.

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